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Clean Fact or Dirty Myth?

The coronavirus is no match for plain, old soap

  • There’s science behind it.
  • Under a microscope, coronaviruses appear to be covered with pointy spires (or “crowns.”)
  • Beneath the crown is the outer, fatty layer of the virus.
  • Soap breaks down this layer & inactivates the virus.
  • Oh and you can use dish soap as a disinfectant, too!
Only one of dozens of common cleaning myths busted.
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Here’s what makes our system unique.

The anti-COVID-19 science behind our protocol:

Some of the key points we explain in detail:

  • Why wiping in circles is less effective than linear wiping
  • Which cleaning products work best to combat coronavirus
  • Why it’s important to clean before disinfecting PLUS additional information, techniques, & recommendations

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More Dirty Myths Busted!

No matter what you’ve seen, vodka is NOT effective at disinfecting. A concentration of 70% ABV (alcohol by volume) or greater is recommended to kill viruses, including the coronavirus. Vodka is 40% ABV (at most). So enjoy the vodka as it was meant to be used.

Answers You Can Expect From Our Cleaning Videos.

  • What is the difference between cleaning & disinfecting?
  • What you may not know about your bathroom?
  • What is the proper way to wipe surfaces?
  • How to protect yourself while cleaning?

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